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We'll try to keep this page updated as much as we can as we work our way through the backlog

In Progress

  • HouseAd and RemoteHouseAd
  • Compression support
  • Ad Size switching in control
  • Managed Ad Size catalog and matrix
  • Google Analytics
  • WebAPI tests
  • JS initial version


  • Unity Support
  • Initial project layout submitted
  • Improved XML and XSD published
  • Core core identified and published
  • Test WP project ready for tests
  • PCL Project refactored, all core code inc WebRequests now managed in PCL thanks to BCL
  • Reflection implementation for recognising providers
  • Logging and PCL support
All existing Ad Providers added and working, inc 1 new Inmobi
  • AutoStart feature (no code behind required)
  • Event hookups

Current working backlog

  • Support for multiple providers on same page (sep / same control )
  • SignalR

On the back burner for now

  • Unity Support
  • Full web support
  • Android / iOS / Other Mono platforms
  • XBOX versions
  • Desktop versions
  • Generic Ad Provider implementation (allows any provider to be supported)

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